WillisPalmer’s Services in Scotland

WillisPalmer’s Services in Scotland

By Philip King

I’d like to introduce you to some of the services that WillisPalmer offers in Scotland which could assist you with a variety of cases involving children and their families.

WillisPalmer has been established, and operating in England and Wales, for more than 16 years and last year, based on the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we established a team of experienced social workers based in Scotland who will be working on cases there.

Many of these are Child Abuse Litigation cases involving children who have experienced non-recent child abuse. WillisPalmer’s independent social workers can help with these cases in a number of ways including file preparation, chronologies and preliminary or full expert reports.

Furthermore, as the leading provider of independent social work and psychological services in the UK, we can assist with cases involving Scottish children who may be in placements in England or Wales to reduce the amount of travelling and time required by visits from local social workers to England or Wales – a much-needed service as we aim to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind while still protecting our communities.

WillisPalmer can provide kinship assessments of potential carers of Scottish children by our dedicated team of Scotland-based social workers as well as kinship assessments for Scottish children in England or Wales undertaken by our network of professionals across the UK.

Our social workers can also supervise/monitor placements in England and Wales providing the required reporting and services as required.

We also offer a desk-based analysis of complex cases that are either deemed to be ‘stuck’ or would benefit from an independent perspective.

The benefits to you from any of these services rest on the following:

- WillisPalmer has been established for more than 16 years with an ethos for high standards.

- We invest greatly in a robust quality assurance process ensuring each expert report is quality assured by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

- Dedicated case managers are allocated once a case is instructed to ensure you have a direct point of contact from instruction to completion.

- A fixed fee is guaranteed ensuring no hidden costs.

If WillisPalmer can be of assistance with any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting senior case manager Tracy Lias at tracy@willispalmer.com

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