Expert Opinion – cases where there may be a Failure in Duty of Care or Failure to Protect

When a claim is being made against an organisation in respect of potential negligence and the manner in which it handled a child care case – there are three critical elements where we are able to help.

Rest assured, our team of expert social workers and psychologists have extensive post-qualification experience within a range of care environments. They have direct knowledge of operating within many safeguarding teams and are able to provide expert opinion on whether the care provided was what would have been reasonable social work practice at that time (within a range of environments).

Preliminary Reports

We provide preliminary reports to assist solicitors and the decision-making process. Clarifying whether a case has a reasonable prospect of success if pursued. The reasoning behind this is essentially two-fold.

Firstly, lawyers do not want to raise unrealistic expectations with claimants and defendants. Secondly is financial. Some claimant firms take cases on a CFA (conditional fee agreement) basis; more commonly known as ‘no win-no fee’. It, therefore, represents a significant investment in legal fees. Additionally, in order to allow claimants access to legal aid funding, the legal aid agency may need to see a preliminary report which indicates that there may be a reasonable prospect of success.

Chronology & File Preparation

Examination, filing and sorting of case bundles (sometimes reaching over 20 lever arch files per case) require an expert social worker to sift, analyse and sort into a manageable form. Critically, this professional eye is essential to constructing a fair and balanced chronology.

WP is an impartial organisation you can trust when commissioning us to undertake case record preparation or expert reports, you are guaranteed a high-quality report, completed to the best standard by practitioners with over 20 years’ experience. Chronologies are completed with four-weeks of instruction.

Capacity to Instruct

We have expert psychologists who will be able to advise and provide relevant reports and certification as to whether your client has the capacity to instruct on the case in question.



Our team is trained and supervised by Executive Consultant, Philip King, who has a strong national reputation for his work in this field.


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