Corporate Social Responsibility

Supported by WillisPalmer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supported by WillisPalmer

Charity promoting participation in the sport of basketball for all children and young people, supported by WillisPalmer.

Our Mission

The Ipswich Basketball Foundation supported by WillisPalmer has been established to promote participation in basketball in Ipswich and surrounding areas in Suffolk.

Our vision is to create an abundance of opportunities for children and young people - both boys and girls - to engage and participate in basketball in their local area. Such opportunities are often limited by lack of facilities, economic hardship or lack of knowledge about the enjoyment basketball can bring to young people.

In addition the IBF will support those young people who are already playing the game but who would benefit from opportunities to improve and develop a longer term interest or career in the sport but who may not have the financial means to do so.

We will achieve this by promoting basketball activity in the local area, through schools and local clubs; and by enabling more young people to discover a sport that promotes discipline, teamwork, leadership and fair play. We believe, and have seen first hand, team sports and basketball especially, has the power to transform young people’s lives.

Senior Women's Team | 2022/2023

Who we are

The trustees of the Ipswich Basketball Foundation are Mark Willis, Chairman of WillisPalmer, and Alison Taylor-Willis.  We were inspired to launch the foundation after our own daughter Cameron discovered basketball when she was 11 years of age.  Her involvement in the game has taught her teamwork, leadership, responsibility and discipline. 

However, some families struggle to meet the costs of playing organised sport – subscriptions, equipment, clothing and travel are all expensive.  Our mission is to help those families so that more children and young people have access to this wonderful sport.

Cameron Taylor-Willis | Season 2022/2023

What we do

The Ipswich Basketball Foundation provides grants to organisations or individuals where it can be clearly demonstrated that by providing such funding it will serve to promote greater participation in basketball in Ipswich and the surrounding areas of East Anglia.

Our aim is to enable and encourage as many young people as possible to benefit from the sport regardless of financial resources.

The IBF assists and supports children connected to or registered with Ipswich Basketball Club.

Trustee Mark Willis said: “We founded the Ipswich Basketball Foundation because we love the sport and have seen first hand how it has the power to change young people’s lives”. 

Here are some of the ways basketball can help children and young people:

  1. Physical Health: Basketball promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, helping children develop physical fitness, coordination, and agility. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of chronic health conditions and fosters overall well-being.
  2. Teamwork and Communication: Playing basketball teaches important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. These skills are essential for success in school, work, and personal relationships.
  3. Discipline and Goal Setting: Basketball encourages discipline and goal-setting as players work hard to improve their skills, set objectives, and strive to achieve them. This mindset translates into academic and career achievements.
  4. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Success on the basketball court boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, instilling a sense of accomplishment and a belief in one's abilities that carries over into all aspects of life.
  5. Community and Inclusion: Basketball fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion. It brings together diverse groups of children and young people, breaking down barriers and promoting social integration.
  6. Mentorship and Role Models: Our foundation connects young athletes with positive role models who inspire them to reach their full potential academically and personally.

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a minimum donation of £250 so that we can help more children and young people to improve their life chances through basketball, please email Mark Willis

We accept donations from businesses and other organisations who share our vision or from individuals. All those donating will receive an invoice which includes our charity registration number and a chance to stay involved through our regular newsletters and social media. 

For more details contact:

Registered Charity No. 1184739

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