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We’re here to help you so please get in touch, our offices are open 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Call us on 01206 878178.

Get in touch, we’re happy to help

If you want to contact us for another reason apart from wanting to make a referral or to register with us, please use the form below.  As we’re quite a friendly bunch of people we’d much rather you called us!

You can also request a meeting with our Chief Executive, Mark Willis or Executive Consultant, Philip King, regarding the different type of specialist work WP undertakes and importantly about how we can reduce your fees further through commissioning work through us.  We can also deliver audit and quality assurance functions, provide short-term solutions to staffing problems, clear backlogs of assessments or provide expertise in a range of situations. Whatever the need, we have a solution.

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