Since 2004, we have developed specific expertise in fostering, supported by a robust and dedicated quality assurance process. We are able to provide a wide range of services within this field, such as:

  • Fostering Form F Assessments
  • Connected Person Assessments
  • Special Guardianship Assessments
  • Short-break Carer Assessments
  • Foster Carer reviews

End-to-End (E2E)

Our dedicated team provide an E2E Foster Carer recruitment service managing the entire process – from initial foster carer enquiries, all the way through to presentation to panel including all relevant checks; allowing you to keep resources focused on the support and retention of current foster carers. We have never taken an assessment to panel that has not been approved.

By commissioning a WP E2E, the number and quality of your in-house carers will increase. It will also increase your placement choices, saving you money on purchasing expensive external placements. We have a strong track record of attracting carers to transfer to a local authority from other agencies.

We guarantee to provide efficient, great quality assessments – identifying less suitable applicants within the early stages and ensuring those that are accepted are given the best resources and training to boost motivation.

The combination of well-proven media and recruitment skills in the recruitment of foster carers, together with WP’s expertise in training and assessing foster carers, delivering excellent outcomes. Through our ‘invest to save’ proposition, you will receive high calibre foster carers – assessed and ready for presentation to your fostering panel.

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“The project has also been a key development of significant improvement to our support and retention of existing carers; a great service to welcome our newly recruited carers to our fostering team.”

Service Director