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WillisPalmer provide high-quality independent social workers for local authorities across the UK

WillisPalmer operates nationwide through a diverse team of around 300 qualified social workers, all of whom have a minimum of seven years post-qualifying experience; 20 years on average. We are constantly recruiting more experts in order to maintain good capacity in all parts of England and Wales. This benefits you since we can immediately deploy knowledgeable, skilled and experienced social workers to meet your requirements and deliver assessments to a consistently high standard.

WillisPalmer has developed specific expertise in fostering, supported by a robust and dedicated quality assurance process. We are able to provide a wide range of services within this field, such as:

  • Fostering Form F Assessments
  • Connected Person Assessments
  • Special Guardianship Assessments
  • Short-break Carer Assessments
  • Foster Carer reviews

Fostering Services

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality assessments and associated services to local authorities, using our specialist skilled associates. We have worked in effective partnership with a number of Local Authorities and are familiar with the full range of assessment formats.

We provide a service which gives excellent value for money and guarantees security in terms of data management. Our assessors have been screened by our recruitment procedure, which when audited by Fostering Network was commended as the best they have seen. Most of our assessments reach a positive conclusion, but in the case of a curtailment, we always liaise with the commissioning agency in order to share the background and reasons for the curtailment and to gain agreement prior to any formal discussion with applicants. We are also able to complete all statutory checks including DBS and medical advisor’s comments on behalf of the commissioning organisation.

We have a good track record of contributing to service improvement initiatives with several local authorities.

End-to-End Fostering Recruitment Service

We can provide a complete (End-to-End) Foster Carer recruitment service; we create a dedicated team which manages the initial enquiry from foster carers, all the way through to presentation to Panel, including undertaking all relevant checks. Our recruitment process is front-loaded to avoid any waste of resources and disappointment for unsuitable carers, and we have never taken an assessment to panel that has not been approved. This service allows you to focus your resources on the support and retention of current foster carers.

In this way, we can provide a recruitment service that will increase the number and quality of your in-house carers. This will not only increase your placement choice but save you money in purchasing expensive external placements. We have a good track record of attracting carers to transfer to a local authority from other agencies.

Our service follows best practice guidelines detailed by The Fostering Network (Recruiting the foster care workforce of the future: a guide for fostering services 2010), acknowledging the crucial elements of an efficient response, good quality information, identifying less suitable applicants at an early stage and ensuring that for those applicants that proceed, their motivation is maintained by good quality training and a timely and efficient assessment.

The combination of the well-proven media and recruitment skills in the recruitment of foster carers, together with the expertise of WillisPalmer in training and assessing potential foster carers, provides a unique partnership to deliver excellent outcomes.

“The project has also been a key development of significant improvement to our support and retention of existing carers; a great service to welcome our newly recruited carers to our fostering team.”

Service Director