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Delivering high quality expert services.
Our expert Independent Social Workers undertake a wide range of assessments including Parenting Assessments/PAMs Assessments, Sibling Assessments and Fostering Assessments while our trained psychologists carry out Assessment of Psychological Functioning, Cognitive Assessments and Education Assessments. Expertly written reports are produced following all assessments.
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A multi-disciplinary organisation providing independent, high quality social work, psychological, psychiatric, therapeutic and family support services. Contact us with your requirements and speak to a member of our team who will help you today.
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WillisPalmer offers therapeutic services and assessments to young people and their carers and Forensic Risk Assessments for those involved in intra-and-extrafamilial sexual abuse.

As a genuinely multi-disciplinary organisation, we also carry out multi-disciplinary assessments of children and families.

We have been carrying out assessments for local authorities, the courts and independent organisations for 18 years. We have a range of expert social workers with a broad base of knowledge and skills, promising you delivery of high-quality assessments.

Our Independent Social Work Assessments

We provide a wide variety of assessments including expertly written and quality assured reports for local authorities and the courts on the following issues:

  • Parenting Assessments ParentAssess or PAMs Parenting Assessments
  • Supported Parenting Assessments (completed with family support workers alongside the social worker, please call to discuss)
  • International Assessments
  • Sibling Assessments
  • Fostering Assessments
  • Adoption Assessments
  • Special Guardianship Order Assessments
  • Viability Assessments (also as part of an SGO)
  • Connected Persons Assessments
  • Video Interactive Guidance Work (video feedback in which a “guider” helps a client to enhance communication within relationships)
  • Service Improvement/Mentoring

Quality Assurance

A key principle of WillisPalmer is to promote and protect the welfare of children. Therefore, we strongly believe that a rigorous quality assurance process is central to this aim. We invest heavily in a robust system to ensure reports are comprehensive, focused on the needs of the child and provide a detailed response to instructions. 

WillisPalmer has recruited a team of Consultant Social Workers (CSWs) to quality assure all reports before they are filed with the instructing party. The CSWs have significant experience in both undertaking specialist reports, and managing the quality of reports over many years. Read more about our QA process.

Who are our services suitable for?

  • Local authorities
  • Solicitors
  • The courts
  • Independent organisations e.g. children’s residential homes
  • Schools

Our Process

Firstly, you can contact WillisPalmer by phone on 01206 878178 or online. Please provide us with information about the service you require and we will endeavour to get back to you on the same working day. We will need as much information about the case as possible: who it involves, why you require an assessment, what you want us to assess for, where the person is, any background information and helpful documents. We will provide you with the CVs of professionals able and ready to carry out the assessment within 24 hours. Our professionals will be able to start working immediately on us receiving a letter of instruction. Our assessments are typically carried out within a six week time-scale.

Why choose WillisPalmer?

WillisPalmer's managed service includes:

  • Customer service available 8.30-5pm five days a week
  • Robust quality assurance process
  • Dedicated case manager
  • GDPR compliance
  • Egress Switch email encryption
  • Secure IT infrastructure
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Ongoing practitioner compliance
  • Practitioner CPD

What people said about our services?

“The independent social worker was very professional and reliable throughout the whole process. It was evident the ISW was independent and was making their own professional judgement on what the issues and concerns were."

Solicitor, Local Authority, London Borough

“The report was of an excellent standard. It was thorough, factual and informative, closing many of the gaps in knowledge within the case. The Court and Judge commented on the standards of professionalism of the independent social worker, the integrity of his report and in his evidence during the final hearing”

Solicitor, London

“I have found working with Suzanne to be enormously beneficial, she is incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and professional. This has been a complex piece of work and she has turned this around in a timely manner and has remained focused and very fair to both parties despite the complexities. I am incredibly appreciative of her work and inspired by meeting her.”

Fostering Team Manager, South Essex Local Authority

Dr Julia Brophy at the University of Oxford carried out research into the quality of ISW reports, including those from WillisPalmer. 

"The independence of the ISW as an expert witness for the court is a key factor in the assessment. Reports reflect a dynamic approach to case work moving between the accounts of different parties (in statements/evidence) and events, and back to parents. Reports demonstrate assessments are robust and focused but fair," said the report.

"Findings also indicate that in certain circumstances courts may be severely hampered in the absence of access to the skills and expertise provided by ISWs - not least in case managing to meet the six month ‘standard’ for completion of care cases recommended by the FJR and accepted by government."

STAGE I – Executive Summary

STAGE II – Executive Summary

Our multi-disciplinary managed services

WillisPalmer has established an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of multi-disciplinary services to children and their families.
Our multi-disciplinary managed services


WillisPalmer has a team of highly trained and experienced psychologists who can provide a range of services to a variety of organisations including local authorities, courts, residential homes, schools and private organisations. Our expert psychologists carry out assessments of psychological functioning or assessments of parents in public and private law proceedings. They can help in school settings by undertaking education assessments and assessments of educational needs. WillisPalmer has been a specialist provider of forensic services for 18 years. WillisPalmer operates with the primary aim of promoting the welfare and protection of children and also to assist frontline practitioners and their managers to make the best decisions in complex cases of child sexual abuse.
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Our multi-disciplinary managed services


WillisPalmer provides psychiatric services for children and families. Having been established for 18 years, we can offer psychiatrists for assessments, services, consultancy or as part of a multi-disciplinary team for interventions. Our range of expert psychiatrists can offer assessments, support and advice on a range of topics including capacity, personality disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma. A rigorous quality assurance process is central to our aim of promoting and protecting the welfare of children to ensure that you are confident in receiving a high quality service that has the child's needs as the focus, is comprehensive and responds to the requirements of the client.
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Our multi-disciplinary managed services

Forensic Risk

WillisPalmer's primary aim is promoting the welfare and protection of children and also to assist practitioners and managers to make the best decisions in complex child sexual abuse cases. WillisPalmer has been a specialist provider of forensic services for 18 years. Our multi-disciplinary consultant team of psychologists, social workers and therapists have a broad range of specialist skills and experience to advise, assess and intervene. Our professionals carry out a range of assessments including: forensic evaluation and risk assessments on people convicted of a sexual offence, Fitness to Plead assessments and structured risk and needs assessments for young people who have sexually harmed others.
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Our multi-disciplinary managed services

Multi-disciplinary Assessments

WillisPalmer is proud to operate as a genuinely multi-disciplinary organisation. With access to highly trained, experienced professionals including Independent Social Workers/expert social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and family support workers, we can offer a multi-disciplinary approach to working with vulnerable children and families. Two key elements of our multi-disciplinary assessment service is the Multi-Disciplinary Family Assessment service (MFA) whereby a team of professionals work with families during an eight-week period, carry out an assessment and produce a report with advice and recommendations for the local authority. The Multi-Disciplinary Family Restoration Service works with children and families to prevent them going into care.
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Our multi-disciplinary managed services

Social Work

WillisPalmer has an extensive team of expert social workers across the UK with a broad base of knowledge and skills, who can deliver high-quality assessments and reports on a variety of issues. Our experienced and highly trained Independent Social Workers have been providing assessments to local authorities, courts and independent organisations for 18 years including Parenting Assessments/PAMs Parenting Assessments, International Assessments, Adoption Assessments, Special Guardianship Order Assessments and Connected Persons Assessments. WillisPalmer invests in a robust quality assurance system to ensure reports following assessments are comprehensive, child-focused and provide a detailed response to instructions ensuring high quality outcomes for our clients.
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Knowledge & Resources

Keep abreast of the latest news in the children's services sector.

Special Report: Cost-of-living impact on social workers, foster carers and service users


More children will go into care as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, social workers are predicting.

A survey of social workers carried out by BASW and SWU found that social workers overwhelmingly predicted vulnerable adults could die this winter, that more children would go into care, there will be a spike in domestic violence, [...]

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Union publishes guidance for journalists on social work reporting


Guidance for journalists on how to report on social work matters has been published by the Social Workers Union.

The guidelines, which were produced after members of the Social Workers Union (SWU) came forward with harrowing stories about the impact of poor media reporting about the profession, are designed to provide more protection for those [...]

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Former Children’s Minister pledges to raise profile of social workers in Parliament


Former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton MP has pledged to do everything he can do in Parliament to raise the profile of social workers in a bid to end the unfair portrayal of the profession in the media and in society.

Tim Loughton MP

Speaking at a WillisPalmer online Social Work event to celebrate one year since [...]

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