Leading forensic risk assessment service provider in the UK

WillisPalmer has been a specialist provider of forensic services for over 15 years. WillisPalmer operates with the primary aim of promoting the welfare and protection of children and also to assist frontline practitioners and their managers to make the best decisions in complex cases of child sexual abuse.

Abusers are not a homogeneous population group and fall within a range of offence typologies and risk parameters. Our consultant team of psychologists, social workers and therapists, therefore, have a broad range of specialist skills and experience to advise, assess and intervene with:

  • Those identified as significant risk requiring intensive case management monitoring
  • People who have been diagnosed with learning difficulty or mental disorder
  • Individuals residing in residential care, educational establishments or substitute family environments
  • Those involved in intra-and-extrafamilial sexual abuse
  • Individuals who have historic convictions or have had uncorroborated allegations of sexual abuse made against them
  • Children and young people who have engaged in sexually harmful or offending behaviours
  • Females who have sexually offended
  • Internet-based offences

Compilation of specialist risk assessments

Risk assessments will use a broad range of formalised empirically recognised appraisal tools to aid investigative, predictive and clinical judgement.

We engage in the compilation of:

  • Forensic evaluation and risk assessments on male and female clients convicted of a sexual offence
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Fitness to Plead assessments
  • Opinion in family reconstruction viability cases
  • Environmental risk and safety analyses of community, family and organisational settings
  • Structured risk and needs assessments for children and young people who have sexually harmed others

Similarly, we advise on those sexual risk behaviours which may not reach a threshold to convict but may suggest deviant sexual interests, thus potentially posing a risk to children and other vulnerable individuals.

WP advises and works alongside practitioners to design intervention strategies for engaging clients and where applicable, relevant others. This may include interventions to progress contact/rehabilitation plans and restorative processes.

Such work will often include a need for protective behaviour/risk awareness interventions with partners/others in the family system to promote assertive communication and safe permissible boundaries before any rehabilitation process commences.

Therapeutic work with young people residing in family, residential and educational settings

Children and young people who display behaviour that is sexually concerning or harmful is a primary focus for child protection practice.

Intervention with young people is generally effective.  Research indicates that recidivism rates for young people who sexually offend are significantly lower than adult sex offenders – Alexander’s (2000) 3-5 year follow-up study found recidivism rate was 7.1% of young people and 13% for adults. (sample N=1000). The relevance of engaging in therapy with this age group is that:

  • Young people are less likely to have fixed patterns of sexual thoughts, fantasies and behaviours.
  • Children and young people are more amenable to influence and management by adults

Children and young people are more likely to respond to appropriate support or therapy to meet the person’s physical, emotional, health, educational and support needs.  WP Risk provides experienced practitioners to work directly with children/ young people and their families in a wide variety of settings.

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