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WillisPalmer has been a specialist provider of forensic services for over fourteen years. We have now launched an enhanced service – WP-Risk (WP-R) with the primary aim of promoting the welfare and protection of children and also to assist frontline practitioners and their managers to make the best decisions in complex cases of child sexual abuse.

WP-Risk is managed by Stephen Gray who has extensive experience in the public and private sector in the areas of forensic risk, in respect of both assessment and intervention.  Between 2006 and 2012 Stephen was Chief Executive and founder of Oracle Care, a national therapeutic residential and educational resource for young people who present sexually harmful behaviours.   Since then he has worked as a consultant to a range of social services, health authorities and public protection agencies in devising and revising policy, advising on risk management strategies for complex risk related scenarios in cases of sexual abuse.

WP-Risk Services

Abusers are not a homogeneous population group and fall within a range of offence typologies and risk parameters. Our consultant team of psychologists, social workers and therapists therefore have a broad range specialist skills and experience to advise, assess and intervene with:

  • Those identified as significant risk requiring intensive case management monitoring
  • People who have a diagnosed learning difficulty or mental disorder
  • Individuals residing in residential care, educational establishments or substitute family environments
  • Those involved in intra and extra familial sexual abuse
  • Individuals who have historic convictions or have had uncorroborated allegations of sexual abuse made against them
  • Children and young people who have engaged in sexually harmful or offending behaviours
  • Females who have sexually offended
  • Internet-based offences

Compilation of specialist risk assessments

Risk assessments will use a broad range of formalised empirically recognised appraisal tools to aid investigative, predictive and clinical judgement.

WP-R consultants usually undertake assessments in two stages; a preliminary ‘screening’ by means of standardised instruments and a more comprehensive revised assessment arrived at following a more comprehensive investigative process.

We engage in the compilation of:

  • Forensic evaluation and risk assessments on male and female clients convicted of a sexual offence
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Fitness to Plead assessments
  • Opinion in family reconstruction viability cases
  • Environmental risk and safety analyses of community, family and organisational settings
  • Structured risk and needs assessments for children and young people who have sexually harmed others

Risk Reduction Intervention

WP-R does not engage in formal sex offender treatment programs with convicted adults as this role is primarily undertaken by the Probation and Prison Services. However we do engage with those offenders subject to Statutory Orders monitoring compliance.

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