Case Studies

See below example case studies of how this service has assisted during proceedings:

Example 1

Case in care proceedings: A Polish family with 5 children in foster care.  Concerns around DV and neglect.  A FSW supported the ISW parenting assessment via supervision of some contact sessions, gathering information on personal background and relationships from the parents, spending time with and befriending the children and delivering parenting training.  The benefit was strong evidence of good parenting competencies and ability to change, better understanding of relationship dynamics and pressures upon the family, identification of the children’s individual needs and relationships, increased parental cooperation with services, noticeable improvements in parenting competencies.

The outcome: the children’s gradual rehabilitation home under a Supervision Order.

Example 2

Case in proceedings in England.  A Polish family in England, involving two children (one of whom has severe autism) and their sole carer mother recently diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. Case in proceedings with the children still in mother’s care. Concerns re neglect and parental non-engagement with services. FSW experienced in working with children and families with Autism supporting ISW assessment, as well as the LA, by regular monitoring visits, long period of in-house parenting observation, parenting advice and support, addressing the family’s social isolation, school enrolment, engagement with specialist services, attending case transfer (county to county) meeting, comprehensive reports on involvement. The benefits were Mother engaging with specialist services, positive changes to home routines for the children, better play and socialising opportunities for the family, decreased professional concerns, access to information which would otherwise be difficult to elicit from Mother during a generic ISW assessment.

The outcome: the children remained living at home subject to a Supervision Order.