WillisPalmer launches Children’s Charter to support vulnerable children

Children who have suffered neglect and abuse during lockdown need identifying and providing with support as a matter of urgency as they return to school.

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WillisPalmer provides a range of high quality multi-disciplinary services.
WillisPalmer has established an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of multi-disciplinary services to children and their families.

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A multi-disciplinary organisation providing independent, high quality social work and psychological services. Contact us with your requirements and speak to a member of our team who will help you today.
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Our multi-disciplinary managed services

WillisPalmer has established an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of multi-disciplinary services to children and their families.


WillisPalmer has an extensive team of expert social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and family support workers who are trained and experienced to carry out independent assessments of children and families. We have been providing independent assessments for local authorities, courts and independent organisations for 16 years. Our expert Independent Social Workers undertake a wide range of assessments including PAMs Parenting Assessments, Sibling Assessments and Fostering Assessments while our trained psychologists carry out Assessment of Psychological Functioning, Cognitive Assessments and Education Assessments. WillisPalmer offers therapeutic services and assessments to young people and their carers and Forensic Risk Assessments for those involved in intra-and-extrafamilial sexual abuse. As a genuinely multi-disciplinary organisation, we also carry out multi-disciplinary assessments of children and families.
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WillisPalmer provides a unique, genuinely multi-disciplinary approach to the welfare of children and families. Our multi-disciplinary teams, made up of expert workers including independent social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, educational psychologists, therapists and family support workers provide bespoke cost-effective packages of care to vulnerable families and those experiencing often complex difficulties where children may be at risk of entering care. Under the Multi-Disciplinary Family Assessment Service, professionals work alongside families in their own homes over an eight week period to introduce new ways of communicating and managing problems. An evidence-based report is produced after eight weeks with recommendations and conclusions. The Multi-Disciplinary Family Restoration Service uses a multi-disciplinary approach to families where children are at risk of entering care.
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Family support workers provide focused support to families with complex needs in a bid to improve parenting capacity, adult capacity for employment and educational attendance of children, as well as decreasing negative behaviours. WillisPalmer has experienced family support workers who can work with families experiencing difficulties and help them to change behaviour and improve communication and their parenting to keep families together. We provide our evidence-based, cost-effective, time-limited, bespoke packages of care for families experiencing difficulties - our Multi-Disciplinary Family Assessment service (MFA) uses the expertise of family support workers, particularly when children may be at risk and need 24 hour monitoring. WillisPalmer also provides a genuinely Multi-disciplinary Family Restoration Service to work with families to prevent children going into care.
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WillisPalmer provides a range of services to residential children's homes. Our experienced and highly skilled expert social workers and psychologists carry out audits and provide consultancy and advice to residential homes regarding service improvement. We can provide experts to carry out assessments of need of children and young people. Our psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists can also provide therapy services for children and young people undertaking play or art therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Life Story Work. In fact, we offer a range of therapy services to children and young people. As an independent organisation with 16 years experience, WillisPalmer also carries out Regulation 44 independent visits to ensure residential homes meet Ofsted requirements.
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WillisPalmer works with schools providing safeguarding advice, consultancy and help with children’s behavioural and emotional problems. We can also help educators access a broad range of training on issues from child protection to understanding complex behaviour. WillisPalmer provides safeguarding surgeries - an opportunity for safeguarding leads and/or class teachers to talk through safeguarding concerns with an experienced children's social worker. Our expert social workers can help schools make referrals to children’s services. WillisPalmer offers a Behavioural and Emotional welfare surgery - a comprehensive school-based mental health programme offering advice and intervention on behavioural and emotional issues presented in school children. We also provide expert educational psychologists to undertake assessments in schools and advise on emotional and social problems or learning difficulties.
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When a claim is being made against an organisation in respect of potential negligence and the way a child care case was handled, there are five critical elements where WillisPalmer can help claimant and defendant solicitors. Our team of expert social workers can provide expert opinion on whether the care and protection provided was what could be expected for the time. 1) High quality full expert reports. 2) Preliminary Reports - to assist solicitors and the decision-making process. 3) Chronology - a fair and balanced chronology. 4) File Preparation - record preparation completed. 5) Capacity to Instruct - our psychologists can advise whether your client has capacity to instruct on a case. WillisPalmer provides an impartial and neutral service to both defendant and claimant solicitors across the UK.
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Therapy is an integral part of the services that WillisPalmer offers to children and families. Children and young people who have experienced abuse or neglect often benefit from participating in talking therapies - psychological treatments for mental and emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. However, when children find it difficult to articulate their experiences, feelings and emotions, they can benefit from an arts/drama/play therapy. Families can also often benefit from therapy to tackle deep-seated problems or help them to achieve change within the family setting. WillisPalmer offers a wide range of therapeutic interventions and assessments to children or children and families and has a range of qualified and experienced therapists to work with children and families.
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At WillisPalmer, we believe the child's best interests should be at the heart of everything we do. We are keen advocates of service improvement and offer a variety of services aimed at helping local authorities, independent organisations, private businesses, residential homes and schools to protect the welfare of children. WillisPalmer provides a mentoring service for local authorities and social workers, bespoke tailored packages of consultancy and advice for a range of organisations around service improvement as well as auditing case records to provide a report on the quality of assessments. Our expert social workers and psychologists who are highly trained and have many years experience ensure that work is carried out to the highest standard.
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Knowledge & Resources

Keep abreast of the latest news in the children's services sector.

Covid Fund launched by charity to support vulnerable children


Buttle UK has established The COVID-19 Direct Emergency Response for Children and Young People Fund to support vulnerable children and young people adversely impacted by the recent COVID-19 crisis.

The charity is now working in partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver £2 million in National Lottery grants to support vulnerable children and young [...]

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Addiction services unable to cope as heavy drinking rises during COVID pandemic


Soaring numbers of people drinking riskily during the COVID-19 pandemic has left addiction services ill equipped to provide treatment and support, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has warned.

The College’s new analysis of Public Health England’s latest data on the indirect effects of Covid-19 found that over 8.4 million people are now drinking at higher risk, [...]

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Families facing financial crisis during bleak winter ahead, warns charity


A ‘worrying new wave’ of families who were just about coping with the pressures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will be heading for financial crisis, Action for Children has warned.

With winter, the end of furlough and a possible second COVID outbreak looming, thousands of families, already struggling to feed and clothe their children, could be [...]

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