No funding raised for Scottish Redress Scheme

No funding raised for Scottish Redress Scheme

No money has been raised by the Scottish Government to fund the Redress Scheme for survivors of non-recent abuse, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The Scottish government was asked how much money has been raised for the Redress Scotland scheme from organisations with a history of abuse.

The response from the Scottish government stated: “I can confirm that, to date, no final agreements have yet been reached. Section 14(7) of the Act requires Ministers to publish, among other things, the names of the organisations making a financial contribution to the Redress Scheme and the amounts they have contributed or have agreed to contribute. Information on all participating organisations and their financial contributions will be published in advance of the scheme launch.”

The response added that public authorities, voluntary organisations and other persons (other than individuals) who exercise or have exercised functions in relation to the safeguarding or promoting the welfare of children or the protection or furthering of their interests can contribute to the redress payment fund, subject to certain conditions being met.

However, the FOI request also revealed that Police Scotland does not intend to make a financial contribution to the redress scheme. As a result, Police Scotland will not be included in the list of organisations subject to the waiver that survivors accepting a redress payment will sign.

The request also asked for copies of all correspondence between the Scottish Government, including ministers and special advisers, and organisations with a history of abuse regarding Redress Scotland or the Redress for Survivors (Historical Child Abuse in Care) (Scotland) Bill between August 1 2019 and August 1 2021.

The Scottish government responded: “While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, we are unable to provide the information requested, as the Scottish Government cannot make any determination about which organisations fall into the category of “organisations with a history of abuse”.

It was suggested the request was clarified and re-submitted.

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