Recruitment Event Feedback

Please see below feedback received from some of our recent recruitment events. If you are registering to work with us, you will be required to attend a recruitment event.

“The presentations were structured, clear and I found it very to the point without any time been wasted. Coming from having worked for local authorities, I am used to dealing with a lot of repetition of things. It was, therefore, a breath of fresh air to see that your presentation was clear and to the point.”

R. Bouchiba
London, May 2018

“The presentations were interesting, informative and to the point. It gave me a really clear idea of what it would be like working with the organisation. The individual interview was informal and so gives the applicant the freedom to discuss what they think is relevant.”

M. Ganser
Barnet, May 2018

My concern was that as an ISW I have already built up my own reputation, and I have not worked under an organisation before, so I wanted to make sure that your values matched mine, in terms of ethical considerations, pride in my work, accountability, professionalism and maintaining my reputation. I was reassured by this from Mark and Harriet’s presentations. I felt reassured that your values do match mine and I will not feel compromised in wanting to produce good quality work. I also value the opportunity to have you QAing my reports and working as part of a team with your organisation.

Paula C-N
Kent, May 2018

“Extremely helpful – clarified the core business and the nature of the organisation. Gave more clarity on the processes and procedures if appointed to work with WP. It was almost like a condensed induction process which was really helpful.”

E. Turnham
West Midlands, April 2018

Event was well organised, with a clear structure and I was then well versed as to what would be included upon my arrival. The presentations offered a wealth of information in relation to what to expect if working with WillisPalmer. I found particular aspects of the company extremely interesting and overall the presentations whet my appetite for wanting to take on some of the more interesting and innovative roles being developed within the company.

F. Serrette
London, March 2018

I was very impressed with the organisation and the administration of the event.  I was surprised at the scope of the work undertaken by WillisPalmer and left the event feeling very impressed and excited about the potential opportunities for varied and interesting work that I may be able to undertake as an independent social worker for WillisPalmer.”

Peterborough, February 2018

“The event was well organised, clear signs to the event; car parking permit provided along with a map, with information provided to follow up on presentation. The presentations were informative and provided a good overall view of what was required of us.”

A. Townsend
Grimsby, January 2018

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