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The social work profession needs empowering.

  • Social workers work hard to protect vulnerable children and adults yet often their good work goes under the radar and they only come into the spotlight when there are rare failings.
  • Social workers are working within tight budgets following years of under-resourcing.
  • Social workers are often the one person between the abused and the abuser and work with vulnerable children and adults experiencing physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • The social work profession is often unseen, unrecognised, unappreciated and under-resourced.

Former children's minister Tim Loughton backs the campaign

“The role of Social Workers in our society is unfortunately widely underappreciated – I fully support #Respect4SocialWork Campaign in the hope that it will raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of Social Workers and to highlight the tremendous efforts they make and impact they have in helping to improve the lives of so many vulnerable children and families who rely on their support,”

Former children’s minister Tim Loughton, wholeheartedly backing #Respect4SocialWork

Why #Respect4SocialWork?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, social workers have been working with communities helping vulnerable people to get the support they need such as access to food banks, help accessing adequate housing, and support for mental health problems.

Social workers working with vulnerable adults continued to ensure safe hospital discharge throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, completing needs assessments for older people so that they could be provided with care in their own homes or in a residential setting, arranging a hot meal delivery service for those no longer able to attend day centres, luncheon clubs, or have meals prepared by family members.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. People who were already experiencing issues with substance misuse, alcohol misuse, abusive relationships, and poor mental health found themselves with less support available, both family and professional services, and the additional financial pressures and lockdown pressures caused some people to reach crisis point, increasing their vulnerabilities and ability to cope.

These people were even more in need of social work services to provide them with the necessary support and interventions to address their issues and help them to maintain positive wellbeing.

The #Respect4SocialWork campaign is urging a greater recognition for social workers and an appreciation of the life-changing work they do.

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Our Campaign aims

#Respect4SocialWork is urging:

  1. A national celebration of social work across the UK.
  2. Greater awareness of the life-changing work carried out by social workers.
  3. A better understanding of social work – including an end to insulting and inaccurate myths about the profession as “child snatchers” or “sandal-wearing leftie loonies who meddle in people’s lives”.

Spread The Word

To get our campaign aims out to as wide an audience as possible, we are asking our campaign supporters to spread the word. You can do this in the following ways:

Contact your MP

Your MP works for you and can take to government the issues raised by their constituents as important.

Find your local MP here by putting your constituency or county into the search box below and click on their name to send them a pre-written email supporting the campaign:

I wholeheartedly support WillisPalmer’s #Respect4SocialWork campaign calling for a greater awareness of the positive and life-changing work that social workers do – and you should too. Find out more on the WillisPalmer website.

Find Your Local MP

Use the search form below to find your local MP

Post the following message on your Twitter account.

I fully support WillisPalmer’s #Respect4SocialWork campaign calling for a celebration of social work and a greater understanding of the life-changing work social workers do. Pledge your support here:

Post the following message as your Facebook status.

I fully support WillisPalmer’s #Respect4SocialWork campaign calling for a celebration of social work and a greater understanding of the life-changing work social workers do. Find out more here: and spread the word.

Show your support on LinkedIn with the following message.

Celebrating the positive contribution that social workers make to our communities, I support WillisPalmer’s #Respect4SocialWork campaign. Find out more here: and spread the word.

If you have a story to share about social work or have any questions about #Respect4SocialWork, don’t hesitate to contact Clare Jerrom, WillisPalmer’s Head of PR and Marketing at

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raise awareness of the great work that social workers do and keep up to date with the progress of our #Respect4SocialWork campaign


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