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Ofsted notes slow progress at Tameside

12th Jul 2019

Progress had been slow at Tameside since the last inspection in 2016, when services for children were judged to be inadequate, Ofsted has said. However, the inspection of children’s services…

Pace of improvement at Bradford is not swift enough

11th Jul 2019

The interim strategic director at Bradford has brought much-needed skills and experience to the local authority which has assisted in improving services since the last inspection, Ofsted has said. Inspectors…

Decline in effectiveness at Stockton-on-Tees

10th Jul 2019

There has been a decline in the overall effectiveness of children’s social care services in Stockton-on-Tees since the last inspection in 2016, Ofsted has warned. While some services are strong,…

Surrey transforms front door services

3rd Jul 2019

An “ambitious service remodelling” including a total reconfiguration of the ‘front door’, has been introduced at Surrey,Ofsted has said. New arrangements had been fully operational for only five weeks at…

Steady progress at Buckinghamshire

19th Jun 2019

Buckinghamshire children’s services has made steady progress in improving the quality of intervention when children are first referred to the multi-agency safeguarding hub, Ofsted has said. Most children are receiving…

Ofsted sees deterioration of services at Sunderland

18th Jun 2019

Since the last monitoring visit of Sunderland children’s services, there has been a deterioration in the quality of some services, and not all children are being protected, Ofsted has warned….

Wakefield strengthens front door activity

17th Jun 2019

Wakefield children’s services has undertaken significant activity to strengthen the front door and build a sustainable framework to support social work practice, Ofsted has said. In the second monitoring visit…

Ofsted rates Gateshead ‘good’

14th Jun 2019

Children and families in Gateshead receive a good-quality service with good practice within most areas of the service, which has a demonstrably positive impact on improving children and family’s circumstances,…

Hampshire is outstanding, says Ofsted

13th Jun 2019

Hampshire children’s services have been rated as outstanding by Ofsted. The inspection of children’s services found that since the last full inspection in 2014, the director and his leadership team…