Meet the Quality Assurance Team

WillisPalmer’s team of Quality Assurance Consultants (QACs) quality assure all reports before they are filed with the instructing party. The QACs have been personally selected by the Director and Head of Operations, because of their significant experience in both undertaking specialist reports, and managing the quality of reports over many years. The QACs, therefore, have the full confidence and support of both the Director and Head of Operations here at WillisPalmer.

QA Team

  • Terence Simmons

    Terence Simmons

    Quality Assurance Consultant

    Terence believes that social work practice is at its best when it is an effective mixture of sound self-awareness, applied intuition and rigorously utilised theoretical frameworks.  Terence also firmly believes that social workers need the ability to express themselves well and clearly and be able to construct arguments that are logical, founded in observational skill, use appropriate evidence and demonstrate that competing viewpoints have been balanced adequately.

    As a practitioner, Terence has cast a wide theoretical net but has concentrated largely on the practice of parenting and uses attachment theory as the basis for understanding parenting behaviour and the simplicity of parenting approaches such as the Parent/Child Game for changing parenting behaviour.  However, it is not unusual for him to also rely on his years as a Relate counsellor, mentor, counselling supervisor (for addictions counsellors) as well as his training in systemic family therapy, psychodrama, gestalt psychotherapy and the insights afforded by cognitive psychology.

    At times of the greatest stress, he is usually to be found in his shed or playing the drums.

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  • Marion Farmer

    Marion Farmer

    Quality Assurance Consultant

    Marion Farmer is a qualified social work practitioner with over 35 years experience in the field of child care. She has undertaken consultancy work for a local authority and health authority, helping to shape the direction of future service provision for looked after children and children with special needs.

    Marion became a self-employed Children`s Guardian in London, representing the interests of children in care, adoption and other specified proceedings, providing more than 150 reports over a period of 16 years.  Alongside this, she undertook a range of independent social work assignments, including assessments of parents, potential kinship carers and prospective foster carers.  Since 2007, she has undertaken work through WillisPalmer. In 2013, Marion developed the role of Care Proceedings Manager for a London local authority, establishing procedures and protocols for pre-proceedings and court work, providing training and quality assuring evidence.  She subsequently developed and managed the Court Team.  Since 2014, she has been involved in mentoring social workers within a safeguarding service, providing training on risk assessments, and developing a parenting assessment framework for a South London local authority. She joined the team of Quality Assurance Consultants at WillisPalmer in 2014.

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  • Lesley Reiff

    Lesley Reiff

    Quality Assurance Consultant

    Lesley is a qualified social worker with over 30 years experience of working with children, young people and families. Lesley has over 17 years experience as an independent social worker and as a Children’s Guardian.

    Prior to this Lesley worked in a Local Authority social services department as a Paediatric Liaison Child Protection Social Worker in a hospital setting, Senior Practitioner, and Team Manager in both Child Protection teams and Child and Family teams. Lesley also worked in an NSPCC Family Assessment and Treatment unit where Local Authorities referred high risk families to undertake comprehensive and intensive assessments. The children had usually suffered significant injuries and/or sexual assaults. Lesley has chaired Child Protection Case Conferences and has recently worked as an Independent Reviewing Officer.

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